What people say about Lorne Evje as content copywriter, speaker,
and communications consultant.

Lorne is a one-of-a-kind guy. He is always willing to share his thoughts
and ideas. Skilled at promoting others and helping them to succeed, he
gives from his heart and is truly motivated to do good work in the world.

Lorne offers excellent advice on business communication and is a first-
class speaker, capable of holding an audience and moving them.

Ethan Rotman
Performance Speaking Coach, iSpeakEASY

As always, an excellent newsletter. Just posted it on my Facebook page.
s, also, for not making it too long to read!

Jane Lott
Silver Rain Estate Transition Services

Lorne is a skilled marketing consultant with keen insight and a sharp wit.
He gets to the heart of the matter in a professional and concise fashion.

I would recommend him to anyone looking to grow and expand their
business and position themselves uniquely in the marketplace.

Robert Adamich, D.C.
Owner, A Consortium for Health

I have worked with Lorne both as a colleague and as a business partner
and greatly appreciate the motivation and mentoring he has provided over
the years.

His exceptional integrity and his endless passion to "get things done"
always yield great results.

Lucia Filanti
Global Partner, SuccessFactors

Lorne's Marketing Special Interest Group is without question the best
one-hour marketing meeting I've ever attended.

Suzanne Halladay
Suzanne Halladay & Associates

I have known Lorne Evje as a colleague for several years now and
recommend him as a marketing consultant and strategist. He has the
ability to help clients create a marketing plan and implement it.

I have learned a great deal from my professional association with Lorne.
He genuinely understands and is able to share with others what it takes
for any business to have a successful marketing campaign.

Sanford Friedman
Partner, *preneurWorld, LLC

Lorne Evje is a master of creative concepts, words, ideas, and novel
attention-grabbers for marketing my business. We have worked together
on educational articles for publication; change of location notices for
my practice; marketing brainstorming; general business concepts that
are effective and productive.

Lorne's dry sense of humor, steadiness, generosity of spirit, integrity, and
trustworthiness are all qualities I can stand behind and easily work with.

Lorne is a partner in my business practice and my success.

Barbara-Grace Pike
Independent Alternative Medicine Professional

My consultation with Lorne resulted in developing three different letters
sent to three different types of health care professionals. His ability to
condense words made these letters most effective in their content.

Each letter was followed by a personal phone call from me. Thanks to
Lorne, my success rate in connecting with these practitioners was 30%!

Stacy Bischoff
Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner

Your newsletter is a gem. It’s the most well-constructed, easy-to-read,
informative email I get pertaining to your subject matter.

I'm going to encourage all members of our networking group to subscribe.
Keep up the good work.

Rob Spinosa
RPM Mortgage

Thanks so much for your presentation, “Are You Ready for The Economic
Recovery?” I heard comments such as "loved his presentation," "terrific
ideas,” and “thank him for speaking to our group!"

Great story about Moxie Cola. Let's do it again.

Jennifer Clark
Excellence in Business Series/Women for Success

We appreciate your speaking to SofTECH about “Marketing Moxie –
Planning for The Economic Recovery.” Our members often focus on
technology, and need to be reminded that they're also in business.

Your presentation gave them some much-needed information. And they
liked the fact that the only "R" word you used was "Recovery.” Thanks
for a great evening.

Mark Ginnebaugh
President, DesignMind

Thanks for your encouragement and sound advice. Just happens I will be
speaking to a group Wednesday, so your speaking tips came just in time!

Pam Harwood
Longwoods Alpaca Farm

Just a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed your presentation at the
Marin Professionals Luncheon. I am very aware of how important marketing
oneself is to a productive business.

You had some great perspectives on many of the elements involved in
making a sale. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking time
to attend our luncheon and enlighten us with such a great presentation.

Steffie Finkelstein
Decker Bullock Sotheby's International Realty

Excellent work. I did a few tweaks, but overall I couldn't ask for anything
better. Your work on this allowed me to get passed a creative block and
vastly improved it. Thanks.

Clay Mitchell
Repeal SMART

Thanks to Lorne's outstanding organization and presentation skills, my
partner and I gave a stellar presentation, awarding us full credit for our
Medical Assisting assignment!

Louise Boccone
College of Marin

Lorne takes you from drab to fab – and cautions, “If it’s not written, it’s
just an idea, not a true plan.” He teaches, “Marketing is everything you
do to gain and retain customers, clients, patients, students – anyone who
gives you money for your products and services.”

He asks, “Why should people do business with you? Why are you different?”
Lorne listens to your style and your needs.

Steve Shoen
Alain Pinel Realtors

Do you want Walmart or do you want Nordstrom? No question about it:
Lorne is a Nordstrom by far. When I hired him to assess my new website,
he meticulously went over each word, comma, and capital. He was a
plainclothes detective with a magnifying glass. Nothing gets by him.
I was able to make all his changes before my website went online.

Lorne is the best - and besides that he's likeable, quick witted, polite,
understanding, great to work with, and reasonably priced. You will be
so pleased with the outcome. So what are you waiting for?

Suzanne Halladay
Suzanne Halladay & Associates

We are very pleased to recommend the wonderful work of media coach
Lorne Evje. We had the good fortune to secure his help before a recent
appearance on ABC's The View From The Bay in San Francisco. Having
never before appeared on a television talk show, the whole process was
new to us and quite challenging. The producers cautioned against plugging
our website,, yet we wanted to lead the audience to
our website to enjoy our free audio stories for children.

Lorne reminded us if we presented ourselves well and were enthusiastic
about what we loved, all would go well. He helped script our performance,
and we got to work.

As we rehearsed with him before a camera, we were able to fine-tune our
message and clarify our brand. We ran through the planned segment many
times. At first, we stumbled and hesitated, but with his guidance,
encouragement, and humor, we gradually mastered the television format.
Natural and spontaneous qualities started to appear in our responses.

On the day of the show, we were somewhat nervous, but felt prepared
by his attention to detail and focus. Just before our segment, Lorne spoke
with us, reaffirming our message, and gave each of us a special gift we
shall never forget. It was a gift that symbolized the results we had worked
to achieve, giving us the confidence to feel we could do no wrong.

Our segment was a huge success! It was praised by the producers, and
that week we became the most popular segment, based on viewer interest.
Here's to our coach! Should you have media opportunities, run, do not walk
to his door.

Sharon and Alan Scofield
The Story Home


Context Communication ~ Box 71141 ~ Richmond CA 94807