MaryEllen Tribby has created something she calls "The Success
According to her...

Successful People

Have a sense of gratitude.


Forgive others.

Accept responsibility for their failures.

Keep a journal.

Want others to succeed.

Keep a “to-be” list.

Set goals and develop life plans.

Continuously learn.

Operate from a transformational perspective.

Keep a “to-do/project” list.

Embrace change.

Exude joy.

Share information and data.

Talk about ideas.

Read every day.

Give other people credit for their victories.

Unsuccessful People

Have a sense of entitlement.


Hold a grudge.

Blame others for their failures.

Say they keep a journal but really don't.

Think they know it all.

Operate from a transactional perspective.

Secretly hope others fail.

Don't know what they want to be.

Never set goals.

Exude anger.

Hoard information and data.

Talk about people.

Fly by the seat of their pants.

Fear change.

Watch TV every day.

Take all the credit for their victories.






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