People LIKE stories. People LOVE good stories.

If you're a recent graduate or a seasoned worker looking for your
next job, you should tell the hiring manager stories, because no one
else can tell your stories the way you do.

If you're a consultant, you should tell stories, because they capture
the attention and the imagination of your client or prospect.

Stories differentiate you from everyone else in a way that just
saying "I'm different" or "I'm better" can never do. Stories highlight
the qualities that make you different from anyone else sitting across
the desk from the hiring manager or decision-maker.

One more thing.

Keep your stories SHORT. Practice them before the interview or
meeting. Edit them so that only the most important points are left.
Make sure the hiring manager, the prospect, or the client comes
back for more – comes back for your next [short] story.


Are you looking for help to tell your stories and differentiate
yourself from the crowd
? If so, I can help. Let's talk.

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