Based on the work of breakthrough Performance Speaking Coach Ethan Rotman of iSpeakEASY


Often, when people are struggling to find something to say, they throw in
words that take up space but add no meaning, filler words such as:


Listen when others speak. Do they use filler? If so, what impression does
this create? Do you sense confidence or panic on the part of the speaker?

Usually, filler words convey the message that the speaker doesn't know
what to say. If that speaker is you, your credibility takes a hit.

In contrast, a confident demeanor demonstrates you're a Subject Matter
. It shows you know your stuff – and can speak with authority.

If you feel nervous or are unsure what to say, pause to buy time.
Silence is a powerful tool
that shows you're thoughtful and credible.

It's good to speak when you have something to say. If, however, you have
nothing to say, rather than use filler words, just say nothing.


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