Over A Certain Age

Over a certain age - and looking for work?

Here's your best chance to seize the job from someone younger.

Work goes to those who MAKE or SELL things, MAKE or SAVE money,
and SOLVE problems. Show you can do these things better than all
other candidates.

If asked for a Resume [who you were], include an outstanding
Cover Letter [who you want to be].

Learn everything about the company and the opportunity.

In the interview/s, tell great stories of what you've done in the
past – and indicate how you'll apply lessons and successes to
the opportunity you're exploring.

Your stories must emphasize experience, wisdom, and skills
to differentiate you from all others.

Stories must be well crafted and well rehearsed. Not too short.
Absolutely not too long.

When you stop talking, you want just one reaction: WOW!
[Walks On Water]

Words can create powerful images. If you can't write the stories
and cover letters yourself, seek professional help.

Remember, your ability to differentiate yourself from the others
[of any age] is the only way you're going to seize the job.

Good luck!










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