Case Study: Proposal


A new international telecommunications service provider that emerged
from corporate restructuring was faced with two challenges, both
seemingly insurmountable

1: The company needed to submit a complex proposal for products
and services to an off-shore government and, because of circumstances
beyond its control, had only one week to do produce the proposal.

2: Because the company had just been created, it appeared,
erroneously, that it did not have the experience
and the expertise
to make a competitive bid.


We came in as project manager to faciliate and coordinate production
of the proposal. We worked day and night with a team of client
senior engineers to bring together the information necessary to
produce the proposal.


The proposal, crafted to present the new company in a way that
emphasized its long-term experience and expertise was delivered
to the off-shore government by the deadline. The project exceeded
the expectations
of client-company management.


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